Vinnie Jones: “Swintt come to us and thought we were a class act”

Former Wimbledon F.C and Leeds United footballer turned Hollywood actor Vinnie Jones is one of Britain’s most accomplished personas. 

Jones is now working with casino software provider Swintt. Speaking with SBC, Jones discussed the partnership at last week’s ICE event, starring in their new London-themed video slot ‘The Crown’

“This is me 30 years ago… a little bit of a bugger,” commented Jones. 

“It’s a good insight on what I used to be like. I’m not saying I’m not like it now but I’m a lot older and wiser.”

Speaking on his ties to the betting and gaming industry, Jones spoke on what made him want to work with Swintt. The former FA Cup winner also delved into the work he does with Easy Odds

Jones remarked: “I’m involved in our company called Easy Odds. We give information about gambling odds. Each week I do a column and I give my expert advice. Swintt come to us and thought we were a class act and we’ve joined them. 

“Fundamentally it’s a business opportunity but the fact that we can raise money for Harefield and charity sort of tipped the scales.”

Jones also comments on the work he does with Harefield Hospitals Charity, whom he’s had a 30 year relationship with. Jones has donated his money to the cause for the duration of this timespan by keeping the awareness of the hospital going and highlighting their efforts. 

There was time for Jones to reflect on some of his proudest achievements during his career as a footballer. Whether it be winning the first division title or FA Cup with Leeds, to making over 250 appearances in the Premier League with Wimbledon F.C, Jones made a lasting impression on fans of the game that are still felt today. 

“I’ve had a few lowlights but highlights, winning the FA Cup, winning the league with Leeds, your son being born. I’ve been lucky. I’ve had a lot of great days, meeting Lady Diana when we won the FA Cup was pretty special.”

“I have been lucky. I’ve had quite a few memories that have been highlights, they overweigh the low-lights.”