In the latest episode of Beyond The Reels, Lady Luck Games Product Manager Morten Olesen discussed the company’s latest title – Treasures of Tizoc

Olesen noted how this was the first game of its kind for the company’s portfolio, and how the team made sure they provide an experience that stands out.

He said: “We didn’t have one in our portfolio and we really wanted to do one. This is actually my first Lady Luck title that I’ve been working on from start to finish, and I’m really proud of how it turned out.

“Up until this game we made some odd games that weren’t traditional slots. So, we wanted exactly that – something a little bit more traditional but still innovative.”

Going over how the idea for the game came about, Olesen explained: “We wanted to get some exciting atmosphere there. We talked a lot about this Mel Gibson movie called ‘Apocalypto’, while creating the scene. We also talked a lot about Indiana Jones, also Diablo – a dungeon runner game, so that’s what players can expect when they get in there.

“I want players to feel drawn into these surroundings – the atmosphere, the water. It sets a mood for the whole game, it is exciting and also relaxing at the same time.

On the prospects Treasures of Tizoc has already brought to Lady Luck, and those expected in the future, Olesen added: “We hope to conquer the world. It has already been out for some weeks now, it’s exclusive in some markets. We’re seeing really great numbers. We’ve also put in a lot of effort in perfecting this game. 

“I think that it’s living up to the expectations. It’s by far the most complex game we’ve ever made in Lady Luck. It is in the category that we call ‘gourmet’ games, where we take a bit of extra time to give something special.”

Lady Luck Games: “We want to conquer the world”