Ex-Liverpool footballer Glen Johnson and Man City veteran Richard Dunne discussed both teams’ current squads and performances heading into another Premier League campaign.

The latest from Betway saw both Johnson and Dunne answering questions about their former clubs, comparing them in a game of Red or Blue. 

On who’s got the best goalkeeper, both former players synonymously agreed that Man City wins the round with Ederson’s amazing on-pitch performances. 

Johnson said: “You can’t win the Premier League without a world-class goalkeeper.”

Dunne added: “If you’re looking for someone who can save shots, but also create goals, this is the one.”

Man City again won the majority for best summer transfer window, with Johnson saying: “City’s squad is fantastic anyway, and you’ve gone and put arguably one of the best strikers in the world in that equation. I think it’s a fantastic signing.”

Dunne reiterated: “Haaland for £50mn – unbelievable. Kalvin Phillips for £40mn, a great price.”

With the topic of players still at hand, on who’s got the best player out of both teams, Manchester City again came in victorious thanks to Kevin De Bruyne.

“Even now, watching him play, there’s nothing he can’t do,” said Johnson. 

“He’s possibly the best player in Europe,” Dunne confirmed. “He’s why Belgium has a chance of winning the World Cup this year. He’s a top player who gets better the older he’s getting.”

And finally, the one where different coloured pads were shown was naturally on the question of who’s got the best manager. 

Holding red, Johnson explained: “I’m a massive fan of Pep, I just think he’s done what he’s done with better players and a better squad. With Klopp, there were a couple of moments in big situations when he had to rely on a younger kid in a key position and they still performed.

“That’s a harder job, and I think Klopp has managed to compete with a squad like City with a squad that hasn’t always been that great.”

Dunne defended his choice by saying: “Pep just knows how to get over the line, keeping those players really happy. Even this year, his win record is insane. Everyone who works with him loves him. Two of the great managers, but the one that constantly comes out winning trophies is Pep.”

Johnson and Dunne reunite for a red and blue derby