Chris Adams from SharpRank caught up with SBC in North America as he emphasised the importance of utilising data in the most efficient and impactful way. 

At the heart of what Adams discussed was data transparency as well as the future plans of SharpRank. 

Adams mentioned that more transparency leads to more engagement. He said: “We are big believers that confidence leads to engagement. The ability to create that actual transparency validation over the content side is really important for the next level of consumer engagement that is going to rely more heavily on the experts as somebody to look to.”

He also added that businesses should “create a validated shield” around their content arms so that the public doesn’t get “social media-ed”, opening the opportunity to “use data to enhance, not to influence”.

Looking ahead at what’s to come for SharkRank, Adams detailed: “We will continue to sign commercial clients, bringing people into the fold of our platform, so that we can continue to grow. A big part of what we’ll do is heavy focus on data science and tech, and continuing to develop that platform that we’ve got.”

Chris Adams, SharpRank: “Use data to enhance, not to influence”