BetGames dissects its newest basketball-based game T-Basket

BetGames delved into the details around their new basketball-inspired game, T-Basket. With rounds lasting 60 seconds, Andreas Köberl, BetGames CEO believes that this will appeal to those who are looking for quick form betting content.

Köberl stated: “Our target audience is those aged between 18 and 35. But actually, we’re targeting Generation Z. I would say that this product is fast, easy to consume and is one match per minute – there is a full head-to-head tournament every single hour.

“It’s almost like repackaging something like a World Cup tournament into a one-hour setting, right? And I think that is something that is helping us reach that audience of casual bettors.

“I think the reason that we are targeting this audience is because when you look at the market and you look at these larger operators, and tighter regulations that are being introduced, companies are forced to pivot away from their more high roller-driven strategies [and focus more on] the casual player.

“You see a lot of innovation in the background; when we speak about segmentation, marketing tools, player protection and also within the product and feature space. But true content innovation is really quite thin. So that is where we saw an opportunity.

“We see this as a first for the industry and the market is looking for that entertaining content for the casual player. That is where Twain Sports is perfect, I think, It’s a perfect product, and fits in great with the player journey for operators.”

Joining Köberl was Ian Catchick, Chief Product and Business Development Officer at BetGames.

Catchick explained what BetGames’ partners think of the new game, explaining: “Since our preseason started in mid-July, we’ve had over 10,000 competitive games. We’re seeing our average stake at four times higher than we initially expected.

“Players are watching and engaging with about five games per session, which is exactly what we were looking for [when creating Twain Sport]. We want these players to have an overall enjoyable experience. Our retention rates are higher than our existing traditional BetGames portfolio.

“We’ve also found that the average age of our player is around what we would expect. So we thought this might be a product that appeals to the more tech-savvy player. The product has been really well received so far, and we are super excited by the early results that we have seen so far”