Off the back of Cristiano Ronaldo’s damning revelations about Manchester United and Erik ten Hag in an interview with Piers Morgan, William Hill looked to find alternative views.

Ronaldo publicly criticised the club and its manager, saying that there is quite the lack of respect. 

Commenting on the issue, Jordan said: “This was a marriage made in hell from the start – you’ve got a fading superstar coming into a football club, which has been badly run for a significant period of time. 

“Then you’ve got a new manager coming in with a very difficult task in hand. And all of those things form a backdrop that creates a scenario where you’ve got difficulties afoot.”

Jordan went on saying that no player is bigger than their club and that there’s “no winner” in the whole situation.

He added: “You make exceptions for the exceptional, but you also have to have standards about what you think is right for your football club and what isn’t. There is a way a big football club should be able to behave, and this football club is still bigger than Cristiano Ronaldo. 

“I’m disappointed that the interview brings the spirit of football, the legacy of this player and the landscape around Manchester United into an area of being disrepute. There’s no winner in this.”

It looks like a move for Ronaldo in January is almost certain, which may have an effect on the NFT collection that he recently launched

The football superstar is also participating in this year’s FIFA World Cup, which will most likely be his last performance in the mondial. 

Souness expressed some hopes that the situation will be resolved peacefully, saying: “Where Man United are right now, there is still a place for Ronaldo. Ronaldo got 18 goals last year. Yes, he wants to be around the box, but Man City were winning the league with a similar player called Aguero.”

Jordan then countered: “It’s a pointless exercise comparing what Man United are to what Man City were, because Man City were far better than what Man United are now.

“If you square those circles and look at them logically, first of all, Ten Hag made the observation from the getgo he wanted this player. In his first press conference, the manager spoke to the Ronaldo situation, which is always going to be the first question in the media’s mouth. 

“Ten Hag’s answer to it was: “I want to retain Ronaldo. He’s a big part of my plans”. This is where I can’t square your particular circle because it makes no sense to me. Why a manager would go to a plan that he knows he’s going to have a problem with unless he’s really stupid.”

Simon Jordan: Erik ten Hag’s Ronaldo handling “really stupid”