As Brazil finds itself on the verge of introducing a regulatory framework that will see the country take control of the offshore sports betting industry, progress in recent weeks has witnessed slow steps moving forward.

However, that narrative changed this week as Senator Romario, the rapporteur of the sports betting bill at the Commission of Sports, published his report. So has he voted to approve the bill? Or will this be another step in an attempt to kill the goose that lays the golden egg?

This was the topic of today’s iGaming Daily, with Lucía Mouriño joined by her SBC Noticias colleagues Isadora Marcante and Fernando Noodt to delve more into Romario’s report.

On the report, set out and published by Senator Romario on the 18th October, Isadora Marcante describes the 3 amendments which have been accepted;

Two of them (the amendments) are about the permission that the minister of finance has to give authorisation for operators, but for a period of 5 years, not 3 years like the original bill wanted, so this is a change they wanted to make. The other amendment foresees that the advertisements and propaganda must be direct to adults, not children and not teenagers. So these are the only changes that they accept, the others have all been rejected.

To read more on the topic of today’s podcast, a conversation about a further 3 amendments that Romario has personally suggested, click on the link below, or listen on your podcast player of choice!:

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