Erik Bergman, the former Co-Founder of Catena Media who made over $50 million through the marketing company before turning 30, is the co-host of the Becoming Great podcast alongside professional poker player Emil Ekvardt.

The show encourages viewers to better their lives through entrepreneurship and personal development. In particular, the theme of this podcast looks at how to combine passions to find business.

Fellow co-host Emil Ekvardt started his professional poker career where he made over $1 million before turning 25. He recalls how he found his passion for poker and the road it led him upon. Later in the podcast he reflects upon how he had to combat his fear of public speaking in order to make a speech at a friends wedding, recounting that one of his passion for creating podcast content stemmed from one of his greatest fears.  

The podcast defines what passion is, inspires viewers to try new things and overcome fear and to find new friends to share their passion.

Becoming Great podcast: the importance of passion