The Setka Cup continues to grow as a betting product, in spite of the return of live events. 

Powered by BETER, the amount of sports matches featured in the Setka Cup doubled throughout 2021. 

Between January and June, the number of sports events covered by the Setka Cup reached 42,281 – almost double the 22,500 recorded in the first six months of 2020.

Alex Lobov, BETER’s Chief Product Officer, commented: “BETER continues increasing the amount of fast sports content. And we do our best to ensure that our clients get 24/7/365 available products that allow sportsbooks to fill free airtime and count on predictable margins. 

“That’s why we offer a large number of events and broadcast up to 10 matches simultaneously. All of our players and matches have comprehensive stats.  

“We suppose that major events can boost fans’ and bettors’ interest in commercial sports tournaments. The Setka Cup is a good case in point. The platform held a significant number of events even during the Euro 2020 and other big sporting events in June.”

The total number of competitors in Setka Cup events rose by 20% since January 2021, with the tournament now boasting 780 active players, and 600 regularly competing in table tennis tournaments in Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

Over 1,868 players are active in the Ukrainain Table Tennis Federation ; one in three of these registered athletes is a participant in Seka Cup’s tournaments. 

Lobov added: “We are constantly working to improve and expand our product portfolio. We have a great team of 50+ operational specialists who are responsible for launching new sports as well as providing technical equipment and supporting fair play. 

“This year 2×2 beach volleyball tournaments have successfully passed the trial period. During this process we verified all the key metrics, focused on technical aspects, and tested an ability to keep an efficient, 24/7 schedule and ranking systems. Beach volleyball proves its profitability and effectiveness.”

The Setka Cup continues to elevate betting engagement