The betting industry can have some of the most creative, odd, mindboggeling marketing campaigns. With some of the biggest marketing budgets out there the sky really is the limit with what can be created. 

Ever wondered how these ideas come together? How are they shot? Look no further as Betfred has kindly let us go behind the scenes of the Nifty Fifty TV advert launched back in July. 

You can see the original advert here.

Commenting on the original idea for the game Fred Done, owner of Betfred stated: “There were no numbers games other than the Irish Lottery. The idea came: why don’t I play a numbers game and make it 50 balls, change the odds on it.”

Explaining the process Gemma Strath, Head of Marketing at Betfred added: “With this advert the key inspiration was the fifties. It’s called The Nifty Fifty, were really focusing on that and Fred himself being a huge fan of the era. 

“We’ve got the song, ‘Great Balls of Fire’ which is obviously Jerry Lee Lewis. We knew we wanted a band, we knew that we wanted to use our ball icon and we knew we wanted to feature the machine but we didn’t know how we would execute that. That’s when we put the brief out there.”

Mark Hancock, Creative and Strategy Director at creative production agency Zút concluded: “We’ve worked on CGI projects for Betfred in the past, but this had the live action element to it. Our character and our band are all going to have CGI heads added in post. It’s been a lot of fun developing a character, working on the music. We’ve obviously got an iconic music track.”

You can see the full behind the scenes video here.

Behind the scenes: Betfred The Nifty Fifty