As the Scottish parliamentary elections, Hartlepool by-election and May local elections move ever closer, Star SportsThe Polling Station swapped horses for voters and revisited the political scene.

What is it?

The Polling Station returns to discuss political betting as voters across the UK read manifestos, keep an eye on the headlines and watch the debates ahead of local elections in England and Wales, and parliamentary elections in Scotland. 

Also on the political agenda was the presidential election in France in 2022, which will see incumbent Emmanuel Macron step down and French voters march to the polls to decide his replacement.

In the last edition of the Polling Station, the team focused on Piers Morgan’s exit from Good Morning Britain following the controversial Meghan Markhle interview.

Who is it?

William Kedjanyi of The Polling Station, Star Sports

Johnny Ward of The Polling Station, Star Sports

What is being said?

When asked by Ward about whether punters will be interested in the upcoming political races, Kedjanyi responded: “Definitely. I think we’ll see interest in all the May election markets, especially as we get closer to the dates. Scotland has been pretty lively andwe’ve already seen a couple of moves in the last week.

“I would expect post-debates, we’ll probably see more punters take a view. That was the case in the general election – the closer you got to the event, the more people to firm up their opinions and put their money where their mouths were.

“I think that will be the state of play, not only for Scotland, but for Hartlepool as well in that by-election, although already you do have data out for that by-election.”

Why should I watch it?

To hear unique insights and opinions on political betting trends ahead of upcoming elections across the UK in just a month’s time, followed by a breakdown of gambling markets surrounding next year’s French presidential elections.

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Star Sports swaps horses for voters ahead of elections