A law regarding regulated online sports betting in Canada has had a second reading in the Senate, as other developments occur south of the border in the US.

What is it?

The hosts of the Legal Sports Report podcast break down the legislative situation in Canada as well as a recent change in regulations in Illinois, allowing some betting on collegiate athletics, among other topics.

Who is it?

Adam Candee, Co-Host, Legal Sports Report

Dustin Gouker, Head of Content, Legal Sports Report

Matt Brown, Managing Editor, Legal Sports Report

What is being said?

Commenting on the situation in Canada, Candee remarked: “Sports betting in Canada, as much as it looks like a sure thing for the last months, probably needs to – as my high school basketball coach would say – ‘hustle up’ a little bit.

“We need to see what’s happening with Canada now that the bill has had a second reading in the Senate, has been bounced to committee and will go through that committee and eventually will need to be voted on again. 

“The problem that we’re seeing with Canada is the fact that their legislature ends in June, and then they’re going to be gearing up for elections, and essentially you’re going to run into a similar problem that you run into in the States in many places, which is that sports betting is something isn’t important. It’s something that is a minor issue.”

Moving south to the Midwestern state of Illinois, Gouker broke down recent developments in the state, where betting on collegiate athletics has been permitted, but only via retail verticals.

“There has been a lot of bad policy in the US around sports betting – this might be one of the dumbest ones I think we’ve seen. Illinois has had this law that you cannot bet on college teams – this is not a good policy and sends everything offshore anyway – the fix now is that you can bet on colleges but you have to go to a retail sportsbook.

“Here’s the problem with that – with retail you know who the person is by coming into the sportsbook, you look at them, you get their cash, it’s all quote-unquote above board. This implies that you’re not doing enough KYC on your sports betting apps and that there is some problem with online sports betting and you have to do it at a retail establishment. You’re passing online sports betting to regulate and legalise it and make it more transparent. This is doing none of those things, it’s implying there is something wrong.”

He added: “It should be the opposite – you should be encouraging it, taking it off the black market where it’s going to exist no matter what Illinois or any other state does. This is frustrating to me. It’s sort of a good policy but it also implies that their sports betting online is not secure or somehow not good enough, and that retail sports betting is somehow more transparent and better. That’s not the case and that’s not good policy.”

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To hear about major developments in the North American betting and gaming market, across multiple US states and in Canada.

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LSR: Sports betting in Canada needs to ‘hustle up’