Nanocosmos CEO Oliver Lietz believes that the trend of sportsbooks introducing live streaming services to their offering could bring challenges for operators.

Lietz said: “The most significant challenge has been the continued dominance and growth of mobile live gaming via browsers. Playing requires interaction, while interaction with a live dealer in real-time is only possible with ultra-low latency live video streaming.”

Adding on to the importance of a good internet connection, he continued: “Any changes to network and bandwidth – like 3G to 5G to 4G to bad WiFi – can interrupt or even cut gameplay. Data metrics and analytics are also important business requirements to get insights in your quality of service around the globe.”

Security is also important to factor in, with Lietz saying: “We also see more and more requirements to keep content protected and safe from misuse. Security and privacy concerns are rising for many business applications.”

Moving on to the Nanocosmos presence at this year’s ICE industry event in London, Lietz unveiled that his company is going to showcase its own streaming platform, NanoStream.

He added: “The new nanoStream Cloud platform and the included nanoPlayer are ground-breaking advancements to immersive applications with interactions in real time.The new features will ensure lowest latency and highest stability of your live content, with sub-second latency glass-to-glass, this means from the camera to the player.

“Our technology automatically adapts to the device and network, to ensure a high quality of service and quality of experience even in bad network conditions.

“Successful interactive live streaming is a combined effort making sure that each component works well together such as camera, ingest, player, delivery around the world, latency etc. plus data insight and metrics to understand how the stream that is provided offers the right quality to the right targets.”

Nanocosmos: Live streaming can prove challenging for sportsbooks