As the NFL season approaches, a significant opportunity presents itself for sportsbook operators. 

Seeking to enlighten firms, Chalkline Sports hosted its latest Operators Edge series webinar recently, focusing on steps operators can take now to maximise returns from the most watched and wagered sport in the US.

As part of the webinar, Chalkline Co-founder Joe Kustelski, detailed the approach into three main segments: Build your bettor database; Use football to build your loyalty program; and Drive more retail visits during the Fall season.

He emphasised: “Football presents the most active sports betting opportunity. There’s more interest in football from a betting standpoint than any other sport. Whether you have regulated sports betting in your state or not it’s important to keep that in mind as you think about the type of people that you want to track and attract to your casino or retail experience.

“Obviously football draws the biggest crowds, the biggest crowds per game. It drives the most betting. Football betting is growing in several directions. Specifically we talked about player props and what an important role they’re taking in the growth of football betting.”

He went onto urge viewers to commence working now, as he added: “When we think about this – when we think about football and what it means, already ESPN are starting to promote their Labor Day weekend. It marks the end of the summer and the beginning of football. 

“We did hear from a couple of our past webinar participants that we didn’t have the LSU game on here. I love the fact that there’s such passion around it and that people were calling us out before the webinar started, because we didn’t have their team’s game on the football schedule. 

“But it begs the question; if you have fans from any of these teams – how are you going to use that to build your loyalty database at your property?”

To check out the webinar in full, click here.

Chalkline Sports on maximising the upcoming NFL season