Burnley FC and sponsors Dafabet have come together to collaborate for a video once again, this time staring captain Ben Mee who with the #AskMee Twitter label was asked questions by Clarets supporters.

Mee encountered a range of queries from fans of the Premier League side, ranging from the best gig he has ever attended to what hair product he uses.

However, understandably most of the questions revolved around football, with one supporter asking what the proudest moment was in his 10 year career at Burnley.

“Becoming the captain of the club was something I’d worked for all my career,” Mee replied. “Becoming the captain of a Premier League side is a really proud achievement for myself. A club like this as well – an established Premier League team – is a great achievement and I’m really proud of it.”

The defender was also asked what his favorite Burnley supporter chant was. Although he struggled to narrow it down, identifying several Clarets chants he loves to hear when on the pitch, Mee did use the question as an opportunity to discuss the highly anticipated return of fans to stadiums. 

“If we can get some good ones being chanted when the fans come back, it would be great,” he remarked. “If they’ve used lockdown to create some new ones, that would be fantastic.”

When quizzed on his post-playing career, Mee hinted at a potential shift towards management or coaching, but asserted that his retirement from the pitch was still a ‘long way off’, planning on starting for Burnley for the foreseeable future.

The recently released video builds on Dafabet’s previous fan engagement promotion featuring Burnley players Nick Pope and Charlie Taylor, who gave supporters an insight into the rest of the team.

Mee was actually a topic of a conversation between the pair, as they gave him the award for ‘most intelligent’ out of the rest of the Burnley squad.

Pope jokingly noted that the Clarets have ‘quite a low standard’ when it comes to brainpower, but added: “I literally judged this the other day because he’s probably the only one that brings a book on the coach. It’s not your every day, normal day book, either. Maybe it’s total rubbish but it looks rather intelligent.”

Source – Dafabet YouTube Channel

Ben Mee answers Clarets supporters’ burning questions in latest Dafabet video