In Episode Two of DataArt’s Sports Betting Conversations, the guest speakers highlighted the significance of customer acquisition and retention in the US betting industry.

What is it?

Daniel and Joe Kuestelski, Co-Founders of Chalkline, identified customer acquisition and player retention as the next major stage of the US’ sports betting journey, as more and more states continue to open their markets to regulated operators.

Who is it?

Moderator – Russell Karp, Vice-President, DataArt

Speaker – Daniel Kustelski, Co-Founder and CEO, Chalkline

Speaker – Joe Kustelski, Co-Founder, Chalkline

Speaker – Matthew Shatz, Advisor, DataArt

Speaker – Kevin Twitchell, Advisor, DataArt

What is being said?

“It’s still the first quarter of sports betting in the US and so, there’s a lot of focus on new state launches and each operator really focuses in on that first cohort, and they’re going to report those numbers pretty loudly, if they’re really good numbers,” Joe Kustelski stated.

“I also just think if you can remember back to when New Jersey launched, it was an epic moment and nobody’s talking about the 18 monthly cohort at this point right now. 

“And  I think really the people will talk about this a little bit more, I’m sure, but what’s the next phase? The next phase is really going to come back to a lot of blocking and tackling that you can do long term as a company when it comes to acquisition and when it comes to retention.”

Daniel Kusteliski added: “That’s a good point. We talked to a lot of people about that initial launch, and I think that there  is some assumption from some of the operators and sportsbooks that if they build it, that people are going to come, and everybody’s going to sign up on the first two months, and that’s it.

“It’s really hard to sign up customers on my sportsbook -people would come to my registration page 10 or 11 times before they started the registration process. 

“So, it depends on walking people through that process of registering and depositing and placing that wage for acquisition. There will forever be a need for acquisition, because everybody is in a slightly different state of education.”

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Source – DataArt YouTube Channel

Customer acquisition and retention the next major challenge in US betting