As esports engagement continues to grow at a rapid rate across Europe, betting operators are adapting their offering and providing it with a personalised space. 

Speaking to SBC at Betting on Sports Europe (BOSE), Oliver Niner, Head of Sales at Pandascore, suggests that it is ‘vital’ for prospective firms to ensure controlled and effective leveraging of data.

“Understanding where your data comes from is one of the most important things, we work for data companies, that ownership is incredibly vital,” he shared. 

“At Pandascore, we’re very geared up on understanding where all of our sources have come from. We’re transparent with our customers which builds trust.”

Additionally, Niner spoke of how sports-based games such as FIFA may ‘bridge the gap’ between traditional sports bettors and the esports community.

“It depends on what that product looks like,” he stated. “There’s two pathways for FIFA, there’s either a filler product which supplements the football betting product. Then there’s the true competitive esports FIFA – and that’s something that we’re really excited about, seeing how that grows.”

“I think there’s a tangent because people relate to it and it does have a role to play, but that depends on what form it takes.”

Finally, Niner explained that his company has seen interest from a number of UK businesses, adding: “It already has a massive following in central Europe. I think companies should embrace it and go full throttle on it.”

Embracing esports at BOSE – Oliver Niner: ‘Understanding where your data comes from is vital’