Internet Vikings discussed a range of topics regarding the expanding US sports betting and gambling sector with two highly experienced guest speakers.

What is it?

The two guest speakers highlighted the varying regulations, compliance and taxation requirements in different US states, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the US gaming market and how the industry is influenced by data and developing technologies.

Who is it?

Host   –  Volodymyr Holovash, Content Writer at Internet Vikings.

Guest – Jesper Kärrbrink, Chairman and Co-Founder of Green Jade Games

Guest – Elena Kvakova, Head of US Market at Internet Vikings.

What is being said?

“It’s been a very black market for many years, and it’s been not even three years since the Supreme Court struck down the federal ban allowing states to legalise sports betting, if they wish,”  Kvakova remarked, discussing the development of the US sports betting sector.

“Up until recently, only Nevada and a handful of states could do that because they already had some type of machine in place. In this short period of time, almost two dozen states have made retail or even online gambling legal in the US, and the very well-known global events of the past year have only sped that up.”

When asked by Kärrbrink about the transition of sports betting operators towards casino offerings, Kvakova continued: “How it develops in the US, is they go from sports betting into casino and into fantasy sports. It’s not necessarily the rule for all states, but sports betting is a step. So for those 15 states only five of them allow casinos. 

“They are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Delaware and Michigan. Michigan is the newcomer, as well as West Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have been around for a while. Delaware is in that cohort as well, but it’s very limited – meaning you have to do it on premises.”

Why should I watch it?

To learn more about the dynamics of the expanding US sports betting sector, and gain insights from experienced professionals on the keys to success in this market, as well as the impacts of the coronavirus crisis and other factors on the industry.

Where can I see more?
Source – Internet Vikings YouTube Channel

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