Last week saw the completion of numerous new partnerships in the esports sector, as organisations signed new deals with firms from a range of industries, including crypto and traditional sports.

Kickstarting this week’s breakdown of Tom Daniels‘, Sub-Editor of Esports Insider, ESI Digest, is’s deal with Birmingham City FC of the EFL Championship.

The agreement will see cooperate over a two-year period with Birmingham City to set up an esports team and host tournaments and boot camps, whilst the organisation will also gain sponsorship of a stand at the team’s home stadium, St Andrews.

“We’re seeing more sports clubs and more esports organisations collaborating together. We’ve seen it in the past, and we’re continuing to see it now,” Daniels explained.

“We’re now seeing Championship level clubs establish their own esports teams, we’ve seen it in France – it’s a very big thing that’s currently happening in France – and now we’re seeing it in the lower leagues as well. 

“I like the fact that they (BCFC) have trusted an esports organisation with the creation of the esports teams, and it’ll be very interesting to see what the tournaments and the boot camps will be as well.

Meanwhile, the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) has entered into a seven-year partnership with FTX, naming the firm its official cryptocurrency exchange partner.

The deal represents Riot’s biggest esports league sponsorship agreement yet, and will se FTX branding added to -in-game gold across at LCS matches, whilst the company will also present the Most Improved Player Award.

“Personally I think from a financial standpoint this is a huge deal,” Daniels remarked. “Financial information wasn’t disclosed, and that’s a bit of a shame given that the TFMDX partnership did have disclosed information. 

“However, I do imagine that this is going to be a significant deal for the LCS, and that will hopefully improve the broadcasts and improve the team itself given the partner system they have with the franchises.

“I do have to say that with every cryptocurrency deal there are a lot of implications, like with the environment, and we’re in a sponsorship deal where TSM have a naming rights deal, and they also use that sponsorship deal as well. 

“There are complications with this deal, but if you look at it purely from an esports business, commercial perspective, it has to be considered a very good deal.”

Lastly, a diversity-focused partnership was also struck this week, this time between FaZe Clan and McDonalds, with the duo stating that the collaboration aims to ‘highlight the evolution of diversity within the gaming industry and the work FaZe Clan and McDonald’s are doing to make a lasting impact’.

Daniels commented: “I think this is a good step for FaZe Clan. Obviously it all depends on how it is executed, but seeing a big brand like McDonalds team up with FaZe through this does give me a lot of hope that this can change the perception, especially for an outside organisation looking in, of what an esports organisation is like and how it is run. 

“We’re already seeing it with quite a few organisations now, changing their branding to be more inclusive.”

Source – ESI Digest YouTube Channel

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