What is it?

Speaking at SBC Digital Summit CIS on a panel entitled ‘Betting and Sports – More than just a companion?’ a panel filled with professional sportsmen analysing the industry. 

Sports and betting as entertainment are two interconnected, yet different topics. The panel discusses what impact new, stricter regulations being fixed in place has for the gambling industry and what this means for football and for footballers?

Who is it?


Gaizka Mendieta, former Spanish International

Revaz Arveladze, former Bundesliga Player and former Head of UEFA Committee, VP at GFF


Lasha Machavariani, CEO & Founder, Sports Media Holding

What is being said?

Gaizka Mendieta: “There’s now a sense of responsibility from official bodies and organisations to make it responsible for those who have access to these platforms. I know for sure because I’ve worked with different organisations that they’re trying to combine those two things.”

Revaz Arveladze: “Our industry and the betting industry really need each other and I don’t think that is questionable,” 

“Betting companies are reaching out to invest money in football and it is also the best way to advertise themselves, how good they are and how big they are and how many opportunities they have to do charity or sponsoring.

“We’re having a difficult time in the world. A lot of clubs and associations have no income because people aren’t at the games so there’s no ticketing money and no merchandising money within the stadiums so in this situation, every dollar and euro is important for sports and especially football.

“The poor clubs and countries are not so rich like the top 10 or top eight and they need those companies and partners very much as sponsors. From my perspective, this all has to be fair; fair for European football and for smaller clubs or bigger clubs.”

Why should I watch it?

The view from professional sportsmen perspective on how responsible gaming and fair play principles for the sports fans and sportsmen should be constructed and followed for harmonising the field. 

With the recent news of Spanish clubs being ordered to conclude contracts with betting operators by the end of the current campaign, as they will be prohibited from partnering with gambling firms from the 2021/22 season. The topic of conversation is as important as ever, especially with the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic causing mass closures in the sporting world. 

The panel session gives a balanced debate of addressing the much-needed generated revenue for sport and the importance of taking care of the wellbeing of its players. It talks about the opportunities presented to the football industry from the gambling industry’s sponsorship, charity input and partnerships. 

Where can I see more?

Source: SBC Youtube Channel

SBC CIS: ‘Sports and betting industry really need each other’