In the latest edition of Star SportsPolling Station, the team discussed political betting and wagering on current affairs, in the aftermath of Piers Morgan’s explosive exit from Good Morning Britain.

What is it?

Star Sports’ co-hosts discussed the popularity of political and current affairs related betting, as many punters weigh up the odds for where Piers Morgan will go after his dismissal by ITV, and who will replace him on the widely-watched breakfast programme.

Who is it?

William Kedjanyi of The Polling Station, Star Sports

Johnny Ward of The Polling Station, Star Sports

What is being said?

When asked about the possibility of bettors attempting to influence political decisions, Kedjanyi remarked: “This is a conversation with every single event, any events that you can bet on, there is the theoretical possibility that people will try to fix it. It happens all the time, for a number of reasons. It doesn’t sit uncomfortably with me.

“To be honest with you, people have tried to fix elections and will continue to for far bigger reasons than winning a good bet. And is there money to be made? Yeah, but would it be worth the amount of money you have to spend to enter politics? I can’t see people doing it for big wagers, theoretically. So in practice, a legitimate concern and a good question, but I don’t think in reality it happens.”

Ward also commented on the political betting markets surrounding the US Presidential election in November 2020, saying: “I also thought to be fair, the betting around the American election was utterly fascinating. Even if you didn’t’ have a bet, the volatility of that market on that night in November and in the following few days was quite amazon, and it was part of the story at that stage.”

Why should I watch it?

To hear a discussion into developments in the political betting market, and a look at the different demographics involved in this sector, as well as potential ethical dilemmas it may produce.

Where can I watch more?

Source – Star Sports YouTube Channel

The Polling Station – Star Sports’ discuss the rise of political betting