Teddy Sheringham, ex-goalkeeper Raimond van der Gouw and Bez from the Happy Mondays came together with Paddy Power to provide a boost for Manchester United fans after a tough season. 

The spoof video, alleging to ‘help’ United supporters cope with their current state of woe, was released just prior to the Champions League final, as Liverpool concluded another campaign that left United fans deeply envious. 

As part of the campaign, Manchester United fans were escorted ‘back in time’ by club legend Sheringham to a safe place, in the form of a 90s pub for superfans. 

Still clinging onto ‘that night’ in 1999 – which saw Sheringham provide a goal and assist to crown United as European Champions – a fan featured in the clip wonders aloud, “Did we actually appreciate what we had under Fergie?”

“Into Sheringham, and Solskjær has won it,” sighs the next fan as he stares into his almost empty pint of lager. 

They’re overheard by a dark hooded, mysterious looking man, sitting in the corner of the pub, smoking a Gandalf-style pipe, who says: “I haven’t heard that commentary in years”.

“There was always another trophy around the corner…different now though, eh?” says the man, as he pulls down his hood to reveal himself as United legend Sheringham. “Wish it was the 90s again? Follow me.”

They then head next door, the group are transported to Manchester United fan paradise…if paradise were a pub. The 1999 Champions League final goals are playing on-loop, and everyone is dressed head to toe in retro strips. 

“Just a little place we set up for long-suffering Man United fans”, Sheringham explains, as a bucket of 90s-priced beers are placed on the table by broadcaster and Red Devils superfan, Terry Christian. 

“In here, it’s always the 90s. Liverpool were cr*p, City were in League One, and I was always on tele.” 

Following the launch of the video, Paddy Power said: “After years of success, United fans have had it tough recently, and we’re almost starting to feel sorry for them.  

“Long gone are the glory days at Old Trafford. Instead, the only excitement revolves around guessing what hairstyle Paul Pogba will opt for next.

“So, we decided it was only right to create a safe haven to hide out in, where they can bask in the revelry of the good old days. But we made sure Raimond was fully stocked up on paninis in his kitchen – because we’ve got a feeling that fans may be hiding in there for a while.”

Paddy Power links with Teddy Sheringham to ‘party like it’s 1999’