Speaking at SBC Summit Barcelona, FBMDS CEO Roberto Regianini discussed his team’s endeavour in finding success across different markets.

Having entered Peru, Brazil and Mexico over the last year, Regianini said that FBMDS is doing everything in its power to satisfy the customer demand across those markets. 

“Knowing the behaviour of the players in those markets allowed us to adjust and adapt our products. We will keep working to understand the local demand,” he stated.

Moving out of LatAm, Regianini pinpointed Spain and Portugal as next in line in FMBDS’ expansion strategy. 

“Spain and Portugal are very essential for what we define as a ‘strategic growth’ for the upcoming years.” 

The CEO also commented on the effort behind trying to satisfy customer expectations that differ across the board: “Our team has worked hard to bring the best experience for customers with different expectations across different markets, regardless if it’s land-based or online.”

Expanding on the online aspect, in particular, Regianini noted the ever-changing nature of the sector: “The online business is very rapid. If you don’t pay attention to what’s going on, you can lose the right timing. 

“We are very aware of what’s going on to be able to fit our company in as a good solution for the market.”

FBMDS eyes Spain and Portugal expansion