Delve into an exclusive discussion with PXP Financial‘s US CEO, Kamran Hedjri, as he shares his experience of rolling out top gaming brands across multiple states and growing PXP’s footprint in the US.

What is it?

Taken from day one of the Sport Betting 101 track at the Betting on Sports America – Digital conference earlier this month Payment Expert’s Joe Streeter talks with Hedjri about their expansion into the US, the challenges presented by the pandemic, regulation, the differences between European and the US betting industries, alternative payment methods and much more.

Who is it?

Kamran Hedjri, CEO, PXP Financial US

Joe Streeter, Editor, Payment Expert

What is being said?

When asked if there are any differences from the European market he noticed when expanding into the US: “I think one of the things is in the US as we touched upon it is the different regulations and also the number of the payment options in Europe there are more varieties of the alternative payments options to the US.’ 

“The US has got maybe a card and a wallet and a few others, once that we have on the horizon, that’s something that is picking up and there is going to be more. The other one is actually the issue around the conversion rates on the card processing and the rejections of the cards.”

Why should I watch it?

Key watch to understand the payments landscape in the US, giving key advice and lessons learnt in regards to entering the market, Hedjri also gives some predictions on how he feels the US gaming market will change and talks of how critical seamless experiences are.  

Where can I see more?
Source: SBC YouTube Channel

PXP Financial on the US payment landscape