A blend of communication, individual talent and teamwork creates ‘perfection’ within a football club, according to Juventus FC delving into the components of a successful team in Parimatch’s latest video campaign.

The betting company, which formed an alliance with the Italian top-flight team last year, linked up with Juventus once again to quiz the Serie A stars on all things teamwork and adapting to new environments.

When asked about the most important qualities and values within the sport – whether it be ‘individual skills, teamwork, great communication skills, or willingness to learn’ – Welshman Aaron Ramsey remarked: “I think it’s a mixture of different things but for me the most important thing is the team work. That’s the most important and the basic requirements to be a successful team.”

The former Arsenal midfielder also lauded the ‘world of football’ where players can ‘build different relationships with different people’.

Meanwhile, Gianluigi Buffon – regarded as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time – highlighted the importance of retaining a sense of modesty, having notched over 1,000 professional appearances and breaking the world record fee for a shot-stopper when signing for Juventus in 2001.

“The most important thing you need to become a successful football player is the ability to be humble,” he emphasised. “This skill helps you to learn and to work on yourself.”

Discussing how players encounter ‘different countries, culture, religions and backgrounds’ being part of ‘such a diverse team’, he continued: “Differences between team members can be overcome by searching for a common team goal, to to say, and the ability to work together to achieve a certain goal mutually.”

French international and Juventus starlet Adrien Rabiot gave his take: “I think all mentioned are equally important. The player’s personal qualities are important for a team as well as team spirit because in team sports it’s really important to act like one to play together and to help each other.

“I think it is natural for us. We know from youth that we will travel a lot and meet different people and different players from other countries who speak other languages. This is logical for us, we grew up like that. We are used to living like that and easily adapt.”

Alex Sandro, Juventus and Brazil left-back, argued that ‘mentality’ is always at the forefront for the 30-year-old.

He added on diversity within the team: “I think that the most important thing for all athletes is to learn with each other, to learn different cultures, learn how to deal with people from other countries. I think that is very important in soccer.”

Juventus players touch on teamwork, diversity and mentality with Parimatch