As the world of boxing gets ready for a succession of major title fights at multiple weight classes, most notably the heavyweight trilogy bout between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, Betfred brought together two commentators to share their views. 

Manchester-born former WBA lightweight champion Anthony Crolla joined Betfred’s Dom McGuinness to discuss all things boxing, expressing their opinions on fighters, fixtures and the general dynamics of the sport.

A key sports business topic of the conversation revolved around the ambitions of Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing, and the promotion’s ‘alliance’ with Mexican middleweight star Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, arguably the biggest name in boxing at this current moment in time.

Referencing Canelo’s Eddie Reynoso training camp member Julio Cesar Martinez, who fights Joel Cordova this weekend, McGuinness pressed Crolla as to whether the fighter – who is promoted by Eddie Hearn – is playing a key role in solidifying the collaboration between Canelo and Matchroom.

“I think it is smart, they’re trying to build one of the little guys into a star,” Crolla replied. “They speak very well of each other, and I think we are going to see a lot more of Canelo working with Eddie and Matchroom, and the whole team. I can see a lot more of that happening.”

Additionally, McGuinness noted the success of the Fight Zone streaming platform, saying: “It was interesting in terms of the fighters getting regular work now, which is part of the reason why Fight Zone has proved so popular and why people are getting behind it – people are getting work, fighters are getting work, trainers are getting work. Everyone’s getting work out of it and people are getting events.”

Discussing the upcoming all-American clash between Gervonta Davis and Mario Barrios for the WBA (Regular) super-lightweight title, Crolla raised both fighters skill sets but was critical – as many other boxing commentators and fans are – of the World Boxing Association’s use of ‘regular’ and ‘super’ titles. 

“It’s simple, this is not a world title fight,” he said. “With Josh Taylor just the other week, we were talking about how great it is to have an undisputed champion, he’s got the main four belts in boxing. A few weeks later you can’t just say ‘and this is for a world title’.

“Gervonta Davis, I think he is an unbelievable fighter and I agree with Ashely (Theophane) that I’d like to see back at lightweight for some of those huge fights – Let’s not say that he’s won another world title at another weight, this is not a world title on a Saturday night.”

He added: “In Barrios, I think it’s a really good fight, I know some people in boxing who think he (Davis) may have his hands full, but I think he’s an amazing talent and an even more amazing puncher.”

Source – Betfred YouTube Channel

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