In typical Paddy Power fashion, the operator has shared an alternative reflection of 2020 with their hilarious Fan Denial 2020 Rewind Special.

What is it?

Treating a chaotic year with an equally chaotic response the video looks to the internet and how it reacted to Donald Trump meltdowns, the closure and then opening of the sporting world, many lockdowns and Tiger King. In Paddy Power’s own words: “Have a look back on the sh*t show that was 2020 through our Fan Denial rewind.”

Who is it?

Paddy Power YouTube: “Home of Pundits, Fan Denial, and that other really good video we did that time that you’ve forgotten the name of.”

What is being said?

Paddy Power and the internet on the national sport world lockdown: “Then Bundesliga returned to fill the football void in our hearts but your dad probably still wasn’t happy ‘it’s like replacing a full English with a vegan alternative. At a very quick first glance it looks the same.. But really.. It’s total dog sh*t’”

Paddy Power and the internet on the return of the Premier League, announced to come back on the 17th of June 2020 and its response to Arsenal’s first match back which ended 3-0 to Man City: “It’s comforting that no matter what has happened in this crazy world the last three months, we had the most Arsenal ever performance as the first game back. It’s depressing but it’s almost like a comfort blanket’ The world is going back to normal.”

Why should I watch it?

It’s comedic genius, it’s very tongue and cheek, very crude and very funny reflection of a tumultuous year as told by the internet.

Where can I see more?

Source: Due to age restrictions the video is restricted but is viewable upon verification on Paddy Powers YouTube Channel.

Paddy Power’s Fan Denial Rewind provides comedic reflection of 2020