In an interview with SBC, AvatarUX CEO Nicola Longmuir dived into the company’s newest title ‘Zombie APOPalypse’.

Opening up on the idea behind it, Longmuir shared that her team has always liked to “test the boundaries”, especially around times like Halloween. 

She said: “We’re always looking to be very diverse with themes, it’s something that the guys at the animation team were really passionate about. It’s lighthearted for a zombie game, it’s got that comic book style and we’re trying not to be too serious with it.

“We were always trying to do innovative stuff, test the boundaries and look at what we can provide in the market that’s new and unique. In terms of the game mechanics, this is something brand new for us. Slightly different from our usual artstyle, but we think diversification is key.”

On the game’s signature ‘multi-pop’ mechanic, Longmuir added that it “works by locking a multiplier to every win that occurs. For each consecutive win you can have up to five times multipliers in the base play”.

What’s more, the CEO also shared more details about the game’s included symbols and theme, saying: “The game is all about survivors trying to escape the zombie outbreak. 

“We have a classic scatter symbol. With five high symbols, three medium and three low symbols, the game’s quite volatile in nature. But you can raise your chance of getting into the bonus round.”

Longmuir also highlighted the ‘Free Spins’ mode where players can accumulate a large number of multipliers. Speaking on the feature, she said: “You can activate the Free Spins mode with the three scatter symbols on the base game or you can access via the buy-bonus functionality, which we have in the game. 

“It’s something that we know players enjoy. They want to see the action, they want to see those multipliers and that’s a great way to do it. 

“Obviously, with buy-bonus we want to make sure that people play in a safe way, so for our regulated partners we make the feature configurable so that it can be switched off.”

AvatarUX: “Diversification is key”