In an interview with SBC, Roger Tyrzyk, UK Chief of Sales at identity verificator IDnow, spoke about the importance of the metaverse to operators. 

According to Tyrzyk, the metaverse will become “the biggest revenue stream” when it comes to the operators’ funding channels. 

He said: “We are now creating something that is the virtual world and the costs actually keep going up because companies really see the value in it and how they can reach people from different age groups in a really modern way.

“I’ve heard from many operators that they are now researching how they can innovate through the metaverse. A lot of things will come from there that we might also implement in our day-to-day life. If you’re not already researching the metaverse, you’re gonna be far behind.”

Tyrzyk also stated that security should be a priority regardless of the medium, saying that it can be a challenge when trying to balance between comprehensive protection and a frictionless journey.

“Verifying players is really important and you want it to be as frictionless as possible. However, it’s a really balancing act because we have to look at it in a way where we are onboarding players, but we obviously want the good players to come through and not the fraudsters.

“When you’re balancing friction against security sometimes it becomes a challenge. It would never be perfect, but we can do as much as possible and really optimise it in a way that is really easy. Frictionless is a really big topic because you don’t want players to drop out of your process.”

Furthermore, Tyrzyk added that thorough market knowledge is “really important” if a product is aiming to satisfy both customers and the legislative requirements, as suppliers should be setting a goal to “make it as easy as possible to be able to work in whatever market you are in”.

On the future plans of IDnow, Tyrzyk added: “We’re working very hard to have the most secure but at the same time fast and efficient verification methods for every market there is. 

“As an example, we are innovating heavily in Germany with a few initiatives, which is also a digital identity that you will be able to place on your phone. 

“At the same time, we’re also looking at the market and thinking how we can bring more value to our customers and how we can make their lives easier.”

SBC Summit Barcelona – IDnow’s Roger Tyrzyk: The metaverse will be “the biggest revenue stream” for operators