Wayne Bridge and Rory Jennings returned to Joe Ryan’s The Big Stage studio once again to offer their predictions for the opening round of the UEFA 2020 European Championships.

Jennings did not offer a prediction for England’s debut clash against Croatia, only noting that the team ‘needed to win,’ adding: “We can’t go into that Scotland game without a victory under our belt.”

Bridge, however, made a successful prediction, arguing that although the game would be ‘cagey,’ he foresaw England snatching a 1-0 win over the team which had denied them a spot at the 2018 World Cup Final.

He commented: “I’ve gone with England to win by one because they’re always close games. England hasn’t always started off tournaments that well, but I really fancy us this year. I think it’s going to be tight to begin with, but I really fancy us to nick it. 

“I have so much belief in this team, I think it’s going to be really cagey to begin with, but I really fancy us to come out in the second half and nick a goal.”

Moving on to perhaps the most highly anticipated game of the week, described by Ryan as one of ‘the juiciest’ of the first round fixtures as well as potentially ‘good enough to be a final’ given both teams’ records in past tournaments.

“It’s just a massive game,” Bridge began. “I really fancy France because when I look at their team it’s fantastic, and I’ve tipped them to go all the way. I’m picking France all day long. 

“Germany are good and they always seem to do well in tournaments, but I’m going with my heart that it will be France, just because of how much sad time we’ve seen against Germany, so I’m really hoping that France do win.”

Noting that the Les Bleus are 7/4 to win their opening game, Jennings added: “I think that’s really good value because I think Germany are going to struggle in this tournament, I really do.”

Ryan added that Germany is in a ‘transformation stage,’ prompting Jennings to remark: “I have a lot of time for football history, everything that’s happened previously teaches us about what happens about the moment, but a lot of the love that Germany are getting is due to what they’ve done previously. This squad is, for their standards, very average.”

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The Big Stage: Wayne Bridge successfully predicts England win