Gamification has been one of the major talking points in the international betting and gaming industry over the past year, and Vladimir Malakchi, Chief Commercial Officer at Evoplay, believes this will be beneficial to the sector.

Appearing at the SBC Summit Barcelona, the CCO explained how the video gaming industry is already having a significant impact on the development of casino and slot titles.

“It can fully influence, and it already influences,” Malakchi remarked. “Even right now while we’re speaking to you at this SBC stand, it is being influenced by gamification. Some people are trying to create contests, something from everything – all these things come from gaming.”

Commenting on Evoplay’s future and the future of gamification in the wider betting and gambling marketplace, Malakchi expressed hope that more gaming firms will embrace development of video game influenced titles.

“I hope that there will be more companies that will help us to do this and that will support it, because we really trust that our actions, our games, our approach and attitude to this is really the future of gaming.”

One of the main topics Malakchi touched on during his brief interview was Evoplay’s new first-person-shooter influenced game Star Guardians, which he stated could be the ‘first instrument’ for operators to effectively target audiences of video gamers.

“No one operator is targeting audiences of gamers, and this is a big, big mistake,” he explained. 

“They can’t understand that there are more than three billion players who are playing games, that most of this market is really high – at least three times higher than with online gambling – and we are not targeting them. We have no instrument, we have no content – we have nothing.”

Source – Sports Betting Community YouTube Channel

Vladimir Malakchi: Operators should target video game audiences