BIA Advisory Services look at the State of Esports and Gaming in 2021 in its latest webinar. 

What is it?

The video brings together industry executives who provide their insights from the perspectives of ad buyers, sellers and media platforms. During the webinar, the session looks at three main areas: 

  • How esports continues to be a bust-out category in sports programming.
  • How local franchises are developing revenue models to create a revenue mix of ads, sponsorships, tickets, ecommerce and programming rights. 
  • How esports programming is attracting desirable younger demos increasingly being lost to broadcast and cable platforms and what that means for the media ecosystem. 

Who is it?

Webinar Hosts:

Rick Ducey, Managing Director, BIA Advisory Services

Zach Oscar, Esports & Gaming Consultant, HocusFocus


Nick Barrionuevo, Head Gaming Partnerships, Samsung Ads

Paul Brewer, CRO, Rival

Dave Madden, EVP, OTT & Gaming Simulmedia

Nicole Pike, Global Head – Gaming & Esports, YouGov

David Tucker, SVP, Strategy MAGNAGlobal

What is being said?

Pike: “Brands are thinking about esports and either their sponsorship portfolio or there advertising portfolio as one of many things and they need to figure out how that fits in and compares with everything else and what that opportunity cost of taking money away from something they currently sped it in and moving it into esports and gaming. 

“To do that you need to have data that speaks the same language across the different resources. 

“Having that accurate dtaa is really important so that brands trust in moving into the space and spending there because so many of them are still unfamiliar with the industry and so anything that gives them cause or doubt could be the difference between investing or not.” 

Why should I watch it?

To learn more about esports in 2021.

Where can I see more?

Source: BIA Advisory Services YouTube Channel

BIA Advisory Services: Esports and Gaming in 2021