Two of football’s greatest and most iconic players have dominated the sport for the past decade and a half. But has father time finally catching up to Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo?

The latest episode of 888sport’s ‘The Eye Test’ evaluates if Messi or Ronaldo make it into a Champions League best XI of the remaining players in the tournament. 

From goalkeeper to striker, host Rory Jennings, Steven McInerney, Flex and Ade Oladipo break down their opinions on who should make the XI and each deem whether or not Messi or Ronaldo are still great enough to make it. 

Along with the Messi – Ronaldo question, there were fierce debates in other positions too. Each panellist fought for their case for players at right-back, centre-back and central midfield. But there was one player who was unanimous in selection, as they are too good to even consider being left out. 

888Sport The Eye Test: Do Messi and Ronaldo still make a UCL best XI?